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22nd March 2011

MONOPOLY board game for Bradford revamp and remake with unique Brontë, film and curry twists. Pass GO. Collect M200 of MONOPOLY money. Move directly to City Hall.

Bradford is to get its very own official MONOPOLY game based on its “wonderful” landmarks, it will be announced on Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

Winning Moves, manufacturers of this version of the MONOPOLY game under license from Hasbro, say the new official MONOPOLY: Bradford Edition is coming about following the city recently being crowned the very first ‘UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) City of Film’ as well as officially becoming ‘England’s curry capital’.

The city had been on a general MONOPOLY shortlist for a remake and revamp for 2011 alongside many other regional locations from the East of England including Doncaster, Halifax, Huddersfield, King’s Lynn, Lincoln, Ripon, Scarborough, Wakefield and Wetherby. But now Bradford has been chosen from all these cities and towns, to get its very own game in time for this Christmas. The game will hit shop shelves in October (2011).

The public will be asked to vote for property spaces on the new board in general – with around 30 regional landmarks replacing the likes of Oxford Street and Park Lane – as well as offering suggestions for the board’s most expensive site in particular, which is exclusive Mayfair.

At the announcement the public will be interviewed by MONOPOLY pollsters and asked to suggest which landmarks should fill the MONOPOLY: Bradford Edition board. Then two hours later public polls will open for one month. Winning Moves say Bradford, Ilkley, Saltaire and Haworth will all feature on the board, which will see the famous MONOPOLY London streets taking on a distinct Bradford flavour and feel, as well as other customised themes.

So perhaps:

* City Hall – the seat of local ‘government’ – could replace Whitehall from the original traditional London MONOPOLY game?

* Or a newspaper could land on Fleet Street, traditional home of the British newspaper industry?

* Kirkgate Shopping Centre could maybe take up occupancy on Oxford Street (home of British shopping)?

* Leeds Road - Bradford’s ‘Curry Mile’ - could even appear on a red (hot) site such as Trafalgar Square which appears on a red location on the original board. Price to purchase: M240.

And as far as the top price Mayfair space is concerned already in advance research by Winning Moves they have shortlisted the following five landmarks as contenders to occupy the board’s loftiest position, which is priced on the board at M400.

Other leading landmarks set to appear on the board include Bradford Cathedral, Odsal Stadium, St. George’s Hall and Valley Parade. The famous winding cobbled street in Haworth Village is also in the running to feature on the new board, along with Ilkley Moor.

Winning Moves UK is the leading games company with the license from MONOPOLY owners Hasbro to produce this customised game. Graham Barnes, Director of Communications at Winning Moves UK, says:

“We are delighted to be making this announcement. It was always a case of when we did Bradford rather than if. But the recent film and curry awards and accolades made it a very easy decision for us for this year.”

The spirit and shape of this customised edition will remain the same as with the traditional MONOPOLY board game that was first introduced in 1935 when Parker Brothers began selling the MONOPOLY property trading game. Seventy-six-years later people are playing the game in 111 different countries.

The MONOPOLY: Bradford Edition will be available at leading stores from October (2011) including at: Amazon.co.uk, Asda, all four Bradford Visitor Information Centres, Debenhams, HMV, PLAY.com, Tesco, Toys R Us, Waterstones and WH Smith.

* Voting starts at Midday on Tuesday March 22nd and ends midday on 22nd April 2011. Votes to: bradford@winningmoves.co.uk


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